Module 1-1 - About Your Facilitator

Just 1 Thing 4 Health

My Health! My Priority!

12-Weeks to Wellness Program with a Whole Foods, Plant-Based Diet

Simple Lifestyle Changes | Powerful Results


SARA GROSSMAN is a non-judgmental, whole foods plant-based vegan, yoga teacher, and health enthusiast. Having adopted a vegetarian diet at age 13 for ethical reasons after learning about the heartbreaking treatment of animals by factory farms and the fast food industry, Sara decided it was enough. Over two decades later she became vegan, inspired by spiritual and ethical yogic studies. Even though a vegan, Sara was still eating processed and fried foods and an excess an artificial and sugary junk food. Finding this program, Sara finally decided to clean up her diet and become entirely whole foods and plant-based.

Today she’s excited that she feels better with this nutritious diet and healthy lifestyle. She says, “I'm lighter, happier, more confident, and have more clarity and energy.”

Grateful for the opportunity to share this journey with you, Sara is committed to supporting you in committing to make your health your #1 priority through a simple yet powerful lifestyle change that works for you.

Are you ready? Sara’s ready to help you!


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