Module 2-1 - Introduction to the Course

My Health! My Priority!

Simple Lifestyle Changes | Powerful Results


The Journey to Living Your Best, Healthiest Life Starts Now

We recognize it took decades to create your current lifestyle, and it stands to reason that it will take time and support to shift the habits and beliefs that no longer serve your greater good.

You deserve to live your best life, your healthiest life and your most fulfilled life. You’ve picked the right time to begin this now. Let this be the first day of the rest of your healthy, most vibrant life! 

We encourage you to participate fully in the program, including:

·        Being present for each of the live weekly meetings, take notes and give the same support to others that you would like to receive

·        Prepare prior to attending each meeting, willing to express your progress, challenges and any issues you may have encountered during the prior week

·        Journal daily to capture your thoughts, moods and attitudes, along with any shifts or epiphanies you may experience

·        Accept and study the weekly challenges, integrating the new information into your daily activities for the week

·        Track your daily food intake and keep your thoughts on the positive side of things

The 12 week “My Health, My Priority” Program has been designed to support you to change your lifestyle and thus, change your health, using food as medicine.

In order to effectively make and sustain these changes, there are things you need to know about food and about yourself. As the program helps us explore the food and some behavior related aspects of health and lifestyle, we help you recognize the mindset and the actions you can take to form new habits to see the resulting changes for your improved health, vitality and joy.


Getting Started

As a participant in this 12-week Live and In-Person program, you will find valuable benefits with community and other like–minded individuals on the journey to better health, including:

  • Participating in 12 Weekly meetings where
  • You will focus on and create 1 new simple healthy habit each week
  • You will learn the what, why and how of the new habit to allow the mindset shift and sustainability of that new habit
  • Receiving a workbook specially designed to support this entire process
  • Receiving Invitations to attend special talks by local doctors and other practitioners who are plant based
  • Benefitting from the lifestyle that doctors and the medical research have proven to be most powerful in preventing and reversing obesity and chronic diseases
  • Setting a very simple goal for yourself each week and being supported in reaching it with powerful masterminding and accountability structures, including getting your time in the spotlight of encouragement and support called the “Empowered to Change Seat”

Your small successes stack up to provide the foundation for a full-on healthy lifestyle change. You’ll see and feel the results from the inside, out.


[1] This Program Guide will accompany you through the entire 12 weeks of the program.

[2] Each of the 4 Pillars of Health as outlined here consists of a series of 3 video-based challenges, with an accompanying interview lesson that supports it.

[3] You will also have a set of questions to answer at the end of each video in the series, as well as a page for journaling notes for each.

[4] Feel free to add pages to your Guide materials and/or create a separate journal to write about your thoughts, progress and challenges. It is part of the growth work and what helps in any healing process.

[5] Join us in the Private Facebook Group, introduce yourself and share with us what your intentions are for the participating in the program:

[6] Access the videos, the workbook and other materials using the following link. Save this link and your access credentials so that you can easily enter the site.




Your facilitator and each of us on the Just 1 Thing 4 Health Team are here to support you as you challenge yourself and make what can be unprecedented improvements in your health and wellbeing.

Once again, Congratulations for taking the plunge and jumping in fully to your new diet and lifestyle. You deserve it!


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